The open sourced DM helper tool for fifth edition D&D.

Download Dungeoneer

Randomize like never before

Random items, scrolls, loot, encounters and even your own multi level random tables.

Keep your stats on hand

Dungeoneer comes with all available SRD content, and gives you the tools to homebrew efficiently and effortlessly.

Track everything and take a break

The DM's life is taxing. Track initiative, monster hit points, attacks, player stats and more to make your life easier.

Integrated VTT

Show your players your perfect maps with Dungeoneer's very own integrated virtual tabletop, which syncs with your combat tracker.


Don't strain your brain. Generate random NPC's, shops, or taverns including inventory, rumors, and Dungeoneer's population generation engine.


Dungeoneer is open sourced and anyone can contribute. Add your own features or add to the generators.